x3550 M5 FAN location



Lenovo System x3550 M5 installing a fan





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Logging on to the web interface
Note: The IMM is set initially with a user name of USERID and password of PASSW0RD (with a zero, not the letter O). You have read/write access. You must change the default password the first time you log on.

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x3650 M5 - WS2012 R2 - Unknown Devices
x3650 M5 - All devices were detected


Windows Server 2012 R2 설치 후 장치 관리자에 인식되지 않은 장치들이 확인되는데, 관련 드라이버는 아래와 같다.

Device Manager - Unknown PCI Device
:Lenovo IMM2 PBI device NULL driver

Device Manager
- Unknown Base System Devices
- Unknown PCI Device
- Unknown PCI Data Acquition and Signal Processing Controller
- Unknown SM Bus Controller
- Unknown System Interrupt Controllers
:Intel(R) Chipset Device Software For Windows

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Converting XML output from DSA logs into HTML

dsa.exe -ux -x -v -i C:\MachineType_SN_Date-Time.xml.gz

C:\Temp\dsa\dsa.exe -ux -x -v -i C:\Temp\MachineType_SN_Date-Time.xml.gz

- 취합된 DSA 툴 버전과 컨버팅 하는 DSA 툴 버전이 다를때는 일부 변환이 실패하는 듯 ...


- 로그 취합 시, “-v” 파라메터를 사용하면 변환이 필요하지 않다.
- 수행 뒤 /dsa 디렉토리를 압축하면 된다.



# /tmp/lnvgy_utl_dsa_dsala5z-10.2_portable_rhel6_x86-64.bin -v -d /dsa

# tar –cjvf dsa.bz2 /dsa/*

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IBM BladeCenter H Maximum Theoretical Bandwidth




As discussed, when calculating the maximum theoretical bandwidth of the chassis, each path is evaluated supporting its highest possible data rate, which is 10Gbps half-duplex (20Gbps fullduplex) in the case of BladeCenter H.

The aggregate bandwidth is the sum of the 14 blades, each driving 20 data lanes at 10Gbps, or 280 total data lanes:

200Gbps half-duplex per blade (20 data lanes at 10Gbps each, inbound or outbound)

400Gbps full-duplex per blade (inbound and outbound data rates added together)

5.6Tbps full-duplex per chassis (14 blades x 400Gbps)







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