Oneview의 암호 복잡성 사용 여부 > 사용 가능. 

복잡성에 대한 기본 값이 비활성화 상태여서, 암호 복잡성을 충족하지 않은 암호를 사용 가능하다.

Default : Disabled 


About complex passwords

Complex passwords must contain the following:
- Minimum of 14 characters
- Minimum of one uppercase character
- Minimum of one lowercase character
- Minimum one number
- Minimum of one special character. For example, !@#$^*_-=+,.?
- No whitespace


Enable complex passwords

Privileges: Infrastructure administrator.

1. OneView(main menu) > Settings > Security > Actions > Edit.
2. On the Edit Security screen, under Authentication, enable Enforce complex passwords.
3. Click OK.
4. Verify this setting by changing the password for an account or specifying the password when creating a user. See Users and Groups.



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