HP IO Accelerator 는 Fusion io의 ioDrive를 자체 브랜드화 한 파트이다.
하여 관리용 명령어는 모두 Fusion io의 ioDrive와 동일 하다.


• fio-status <device> [-a, -c, -d, -fk, -h, -v]
   – Gets the current status of the ioDrive
   Note: Driver must be loaded to use this utility.
   fio-status /dev/fctx OR fio-status /dev/fiox (x is the number or letter of the drive)


• fio-format
   – Low-level-formats the drive.
   WARNING: This command destroys all data on the drive. Ensure data is backed up beforehand.
   fio-format /dev/fctx
   fio-format –o <size>
   fio-format –s 50%|70%


• fio-attach
   – Attaches the drive to the OS and presents it for fdisk
   fio-attach /dev/fctx


• fio-detach
   – Detaches the drive for maintenance
   fio-detach /dev/fctx


• fio-update-iodrive
   – Updates the firmware on the ioDrive’s FPGA
   Note: This command should be used with caution and as indicated in the Release Notes documentation.


• fio-bugreport
   - Used to collect system information for filing a service request
   Note: This command should be used any time a service request is opened.
           The output of the command is a tar file that should be attached to the ticket.
           This command must be run and included any time an RMA is requested.


• fio-pci-check [-d <value>, -f, -i, -r, -v, -y, -h]
   Note: The Driver must NOT be loaded to run this utility.

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